Teona Mamukishvili


Teona Mamukishvili has master’s degree in Social Work. Her practice is linked to child welfare.
Teona’s experience in the child welfare field starts with her experience as a beneficiary in her childhood. She was in care of SOS Children’s Village and the choice of her profession was determined by her experience.
Her work experience is related to child welfare. She worked at both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Tbilisi Children’s Crisis Center, Social Services Agency, Charity Foundation “Caritas Georgia”, and Federation “Save the Children” – this is a list of organizations where she has achieved numerous successes when working with both children and their families.
Teona is also involved in the projects aimed at supporting the youth who are leaving and who have left care organized by international organizations. Teona is a member of the European International Council of Youth Who Have Left Care, as well as a member of the U.S. International Committee of Youth Who Have Left Care.