Social Inclusion Developing in Adjara Region

Project Title: Social Inclusion Developing in Adjara Region
Project Goal:
To promote the development of the Disability Policy and social inclusion of the persons with disabilities in Adjara through strengthening capacity of the local government and facilitating a dialogue between the local government and civil society organizations.
  • Strengthening capacity of the Regional Government of Adjara in developing the cohesive disability policy.
  • Strengthen social work capacity for social change 
  • Facilitate the dialogue between the Regional Government and civil society organizations to enforce inclusion of the disability community in developing the Disability Policy
  • Increase awareness about the needs and rights of persons with disabilities through strengthening local media
Target Group: The local government and social workers.
Implemented Period: 2016-2017
Budget:  13936 USD
Donor: OSI Washington
Partner organization: Equal Opportunities Policy and Advocacy Institute